The Kawartha Lakes  region provides some of Ontario's  best recreational waterfront. The Ministry of Natural Resources provides a wide variety of information on the lakes in our area, while the Ministry of Environment along with the Federation of Ontario  Cottagers  Associations provide information on the water quality  monitoring  program, referred to  as  the  LAKE  PARTNER  PROGRAM.   For  more  detailed  information  on  this  program and  how  it  effects  the lakes  in  our area, please  visit the  following websites:




Toll Free: 1 (800) 470-8322

The following is information provided by the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding lakes in the area.


Crystal Lake provides the most sought after characteristics on the cottage market today. Springfed with 26.1 miles of shoreline, this lake is clean and deep. Boating, swimming and fishing are all wonderful pass times. A large lake that provides hours of exploring around the many islands and bays. Approximately 500 cottages and homes on this lake enjoy the advantage of a full service marina on a land-locked lake, with over 80% having year round access. Snowmobilers can take advantage of the 500 miles of groomed trails and Crystal Lake Marina is open year round. Fishing is also year round and hosts Bass, Walleye, Lake Trout and Whitefish. All of this is within 2 hours of the GTA. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this fabulous lake, or the available properties on it.


Maximum Depth - 63 feet | Mean Depth - 27.8 feet | Surface Area - 1,942 acres | Perimeter - 11.9 miles
Fish Species Present: Maskinonge, smallmouth and largemouth bass, yellow pickerel, lake herring, pumpkinseed, rock bass, yellow perch, brown bullhead, white sucker, a variety of minnow species also inhabit the lake.

Fishing: Four Mile Lake is subjected to open water angling only. Bait casting, spincasting, trolling and still fishing are the usual methods of angling for maskinonge, smallmouth & largemouth bass, and yellow pickerel. The northern section of the lake which is shallower, rocky and vegetated is the popular area for angling.

Access and Facilities: Public access is available on the eastern shore of the lake approximately 2 miles from Burnt River off County road # 121 via a county road which ends in a public launching ramp. The lake is large enough to afford aircraft landing and takeoff. Facilities are available in Burnt River and Fenelon Falls.


Maximum Depth - 100 feet | Mean Depth - 37.2 feet | Surface area - 424 acres | Perimeter - 6.8 miles
Fish Species: Lake trout, smallmouth and largemouth bass, rock bass, pumpkinseed, golden shiner, common shiner and yellow perch.

Fishing: Salmon Lake gamefish species are smallmouth bass and lake trout. Lake trout are taken during the ice fishing season by using minnows and jigging with artificial lures. Trolling is a popular method during open water angling. Smallmouth bass are taken by still fishing and spin-casting along the many rocky shoal areas and shallower bays.

Access and Facilities: Salmon lake is located 4 miles south of Gooderham off Highway 507. It can be reached (via Contau Lake Road) and the Galway Road off County Road # 121 south of Kinmount. Facilities are available at Kinmount, Gooderham and surrounding area.


Maximum Depth - 34 feet |Mean Depth - 12.2 feet | Surface Area - 432 acres |Perimeter - 4.7 miles
Fish Species: Maskinonge, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, white sucker and pumpkinseed.

Fishing: Angling for maskinonge is usually by the bait-casting and trolling method along the edge of the vegetated areas. Smallmouth bass are angled by still-feeding with crayfish, frogs, minnows etc. Light Tackle such as spin-casting gear with artificial lures is also a common method of angling in the less vegetated areas. Angling for panfish varieties such as yellow perch and pumpkinseed is becoming popular.

Access and Facilities: White Lake is located 6 miles southwest of Gooderham via the Contau Lake Road off Monck Road (45), or the Galway Road off County Road #121, south of Kinmount. The access is located at White Lake Dam at Salerno Creek. Facilities are available in the village of Gooderham or Kinmount.


Maximum Depth - 44 feet | Mean Depth - 20 feet | Surface Area - 357 acres | Perimeter - 8.2 miles
Fish Species: Smallmouth and largemouth bass, yellow perch, pumpkinseed, white sucker and lake chub.

Fishing: Very popular lake for both smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing. As most of the lake is quite shallow angling is quite extensive. Still fishing and spin-casting are most common methods used for taking both species of bass.

Access and Facilities: Salerno Lake is located approximately 5 miles southwest of Gooderham, 1/2 mile south of Irondale. Access is possible at the Salerno Dam (outflow) at the north end of the lake. Facilities are available in Irondale and Gooderham.


Max. Depth - 94 ft. | Mean Depth - 38 ft. | Surface Area - 194 acres | Perimeter - 5.8 miles
Fish Species: Lake trout, smallmouth bass, muskie, pumpkinseed, yellow perch and golden shiners.

Access and Facilities: Fortescue lake is located about 5 miles southwest of Gooderham via the Contau Lake Road and the North Salmon Lake Road, off of Cty. Rd. # 507. This lake is exceptional for fishing, swimming and small craft boating, it is very picturesque with clean clear water, a exceptional views.


Max. Depth - 90 ft. | Mean Depth - 31 ft. | Surface Area - 198 acres | Perimeter - 5 miles
Fish Species: Lake trout, smallmouth bass, rock bass. Closed for winter fishing, check with MNR for regulations.

Access and Facilities: Follow Davis Lake Road east, just north of Miners Bay on Hwy 35, or via Boundary Road, north of Kinmount off Hwy # 121. This lake is excellent for boating, swimming/ water sports, and fishing.  Exceptional views from many vantage points on this lake, makes it one of the most beautiful lakes in the Kawarthas.