Alison & Jeff Rogers – Oshawa, Ontario

Hazel McInnis – Kinmount,ON
September 19, 2019

Alison & Jeff Rogers – Oshawa, Ontario

Dear Dianne and Vic:


Re:  Sale of our Seasonal Property in Kinmount


This letter is to thank you for acting as our real estate agents in the recent sale of our recreational property in Kinmount.


Since we considered you to be area real estate experts where our cottage was located, we decided to interview you and two other real estate agents before we made our decision as to whom we would list our cottage with.  While the other two agents felt quite enthusiastic about our property, they were quick to point out that the cottage market was in a bit of a slump and that the high prices and multiple offers that used to accompany cottage sales were indeed a thing of the past.  When we met with the two of you, however, your enthusiasm, positive attitude, and friendly demeanour helped us make the decision that you were definitely “the right people for the job”.  We felt very comfortable with you and felt that any perspective buyers couldn’t help but feel the same way.


We couldn’t have asked for a better real estate transaction and that statement is coming from two people who can be very demanding of, and expect a great deal from, a real estate agent.   Everything proceeded very quickly and you literally “sprung into action”.  In the past, one of our biggest objections with some in the real estate profession is their total lack of communication.  Although our property was only listed for about two and a half weeks, we knew exactly what was happening and how many showings were being held.  Indeed, we felt that we involved in the process from start to finish.  You generated a lot of interest in the property which culminated in a very quick sale for the top dollar with several offers, and all this in a supposed slow market.


In summation Dianne and Vic, we would certainly recommend you to anyone, whether buying or selling.  Your professionalism and enthusiastic approach to selling our property was sincerely appreciated.  If only all real estate transactions could be that easy.  I guess our only complaint is that you don’t work in the City in which we currently reside because we would certainly enlist you to sell our current home for us!


Yours truly,

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