Michelle & Mike Watton

Dear Vic,
Mike and & I would like to thank you so much for all the work you put into the sale of our land. You provided outstanding service to us. We are very appreciative!

John Jones

Dear Vic and Dianne:
Hilda and I would like to sincerely thank you for outstanding service provided when we were selling our family property.
You were very thorough during the time of listing and we appreciated your regular communication, understanding and dedication.
We would highly recommend your service.

Jen and Sunil

Just wanted to say thanks for representing us so well and for somehow managing to get this deal done. Not sure how you did it but we’re happy you did.
Fingers crossed about the home inspection tomorrow but we’re feeling hopeful we have a new cottage for our family.
Thanks for making it happen.

Jane Chadwick & Gord Stewart

August 7, 2018
Dainne, Vic and Sandy,
Thank you so much for all your help.
We are very happy to be homeless!
We have lots of plans for this next chapter in our life.
Yours truly,

Anne Brister

July 28, 2017
Dear Vic and Dianne,
This may be a “little” note, but it is to convey a HUGE Thank You and gratitude for the sale of my former home and the sofa incident.
A special thanks goes, as well, to Sandra who was always friendly and professional.
Be Well & Happy.

Lynne Kilby KCPED Family Fun Day Organizer

Thank You for your community spirit sponsoring Zoo To You at Kinmount Family Fun Day!
You rock! Thanks so much for your continued support of Kinmount Family Fun Day. People like you are what makes the day such a success. Hope you will join the fun again next year, Saturday, July 9, 2016!

Christine and Pat Mackey

Dear Vic and Dianne,
I would like to thank you for the tremendous service you provided for my Mom and Dad, John and Hilda Jones, when they sold our family cottage. We really appreciate the understanding, dedication and regular communication you had with Mom and Dad. You were extremely thorough and we would highly recommend your service.
As you can image, we have many treasured memories of our wonderful years at the cabin.

Mary Smith

I would like to thank you and Vic for your hard work at selling my cottage within your two month estimate. It was a pleasure working with you both.

Lynne Kilby, KCPED – Family Fun Day Organizer

Thank You for sponsoring ZooTo You at Kinmount Family Fun Day!
Awesome! You & Zoo To You! Thanks so much for sponsoring this much enjoyed event for the 2nd year running. All ages enjoyed the display. Means so much to the success of an event to have support like yours. Hope you will consider some type of sponsorship next year – July 11, 2015!!
Lynne Kilby, KCPED
Family Fun Day Organizer

Cathy King

Thank you so much for representing us to sell the house and acreage in Kinmount.
The hard work and effort you put into marketing the sale of the house is much appreciated. Also please convey my sincere thanks to Vic and Sandra for their excellent service and support throughout the process.

Joe & Sharin

To Vic & Staff

With sincere thanks and appreciation.
Great work! We really appreciate your professionalism and promptness!
Your warmth and professionalism is much noticed and appreciated, we’d recommend you anytime!


Alison & Jeff Rogers – Oshawa, Ontario

Dear Dianne and Vic:


Re:  Sale of our Seasonal Property in Kinmount


This letter is to thank you for acting as our real estate agents in the recent sale of our recreational property in Kinmount.


Since we considered you to be area real estate experts where our cottage was located, we decided to interview you and two other real estate agents before we made our decision as to whom we would list our cottage with.  While the other two agents felt quite enthusiastic about our property, they were quick to point out that the cottage market was in a bit of a slump and that the high prices and multiple offers that used to accompany cottage sales were indeed a thing of the past.  When we met with the two of you, however, your enthusiasm, positive attitude, and friendly demeanour helped us make the decision that you were definitely “the right people for the job”.  We felt very comfortable with you and felt that any perspective buyers couldn’t help but feel the same way.


We couldn’t have asked for a better real estate transaction and that statement is coming from two people who can be very demanding of, and expect a great deal from, a real estate agent.   Everything proceeded very quickly and you literally “sprung into action”.  In the past, one of our biggest objections with some in the real estate profession is their total lack of communication.  Although our property was only listed for about two and a half weeks, we knew exactly what was happening and how many showings were being held.  Indeed, we felt that we involved in the process from start to finish.  You generated a lot of interest in the property which culminated in a very quick sale for the top dollar with several offers, and all this in a supposed slow market.


In summation Dianne and Vic, we would certainly recommend you to anyone, whether buying or selling.  Your professionalism and enthusiastic approach to selling our property was sincerely appreciated.  If only all real estate transactions could be that easy.  I guess our only complaint is that you don’t work in the City in which we currently reside because we would certainly enlist you to sell our current home for us!


Yours truly,

Linda Doherty

September 18, 2017
Vic, Thanks so much for persevering with the sale of our lot. You were always upbeat and positive in believing it would sell and it did!

Hazel McInnis – Kinmount,ON

Dianne & Vic, Thank you for making my purchase & sale a very positive experience. Your professional assistance was very much appreciated.
My thanks also to Steve & Sandra. What a great team!
Vic, the “signs” are almost free of frost. Stop in anytime.

Thank you so much for all your hard work in selling our house. Sorry this is so long in coming but I was so ill at the time and I got worse, but I am better now.
Again, thanks for all you did for us.

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